Browns’ Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt both on pace to top 1,000 rushing yards


In today’s NFL, where quarterbacks are king, it’s not often that a team relies on its running backs as much as the Browns do.

But Cleveland is relying on its running backs a lot this season, and the top two ball carriers in Cleveland, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, are both on pace to run for more than 1,000 rushing yards.

Nick Chubb is leading the Browns in rushing with 719 yards, despite missing four games this season. If he continues to run at his pace of 102.7 yards per game, he’ll finish the season with 1,233 rushing yards.

Kareem Hunt is second on the Browns with 706 rushing yards. If Hunt continues at his pace of 64.2 yards a game, he’ll finish the season with 1,027 rushing yards.

Six teams in NFL history have had two 1,000-yard rushers: The 1972 Dolphins with Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris, the 1976 Steelers with Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, the 1985 Browns with Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner, the 2006 Falcons with Warrick Dunn and Michael Vick, the 2008 Giants with Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward, the 2009 Panthers with Jonathan Stweart and DeAngelo Williams, and the 2019 Ravens with Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram.

The Browns are closing in on being the seventh team in history to do it.